Secure Login

Password Management With Strong Authentication and Single Sign-On

Highly secured sign-on solutions on-premise

ID Control On-Premise Solutions secure extranet sites, web applications, online portals, forums and other web based systems in an efficient and cost-effective manner — without the overhead expenses commonly associated with the implementation and maintenance of a Password management, Single Sign-On and Two-factor authentication solution.

ID Control Solutions are a multi-factor authentication (MFA), password and Single Sign-On (SSO) management platform: implementation and maintenance tasks are managed by ID Control partners.

The ID Control On-Premise platform and system bundles the following techniques which can also be ordered seperately:

1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA);
2. Single sign-on (SSO);
3. Password management.

ID Control On-premise Solutions are offered as a fully self-hosted model to the customer, in which ID Control takes care with its channel partners of the setup and maintenance process.