Password management

With Strong Authentication

Highly secured protected passwords


  • Master password secured by strong authentication
    Use a One-Time Password in combination with your master password for an additional layer of security
  • Password syncing across unlimited devices
    Simply log into your account by using either the browser extension, webclient or Android/iOS app and get access to all your passwords
  • No need to download or install software
    You can choose not to install any other software and enjoy the ease of centralised password management through our web interface
  • Fill in your passwords automatically
    You can use the browser plugin to automatically fill in your passwords
  • Password Complexity Checker
    The more complex your passwords, the harder they are to crack. Use the password complexity checker to see how strong your passwords are
  • Emergency codes
    Use the Emergency Codes feature to give someone access to your account in the event of an emergency
  • Share your passwords
    You can choose to share your passwords with your friends or family. You can do this either by granting permission to their accounts or send them a (optionally password protected) link they can use if they do not have an account
  • Protected, processed and serviced by the European Privacy Company
    You can rest assured that your data and your passwords are protected with the utmost care
  • Passwords encrypted with military-grade encryption and hosted in a ISO 27001 and 5001 Certified Datacenter