Password AUDIT

Password Audit

What is a password audit?
A password audit assesses the strength and security of your passwords and also provides insights into the usage of applications and services. The audit checks you and your organization for leaked passwords, duplicate passwords, password lifespan, and the length & complexity of your passwords.

What happens during a password audit?
When you request a password audit, a report is generated and securely sent to the ID Control Password Cloud Service. Our administrators have access to this report, but they only see certain characteristics of your passwords, never the passwords themselves. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

The title of each application or service associated with the account is visible. This helps understand which account linked to an application or service might be at risk. You and your organization will see in the analysis whether the password you use for logging in is included in the password audit. Additionally, you will receive information about the length of each password. A longer password is often stronger and therefore more secure. Moreover, you can observe how many character groups your passwords consist of, which are categorized into 4 character groups. These character groups can include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. A password that encompasses all four of these groups is usually the strongest.

You and your organization will also find out whether a password from an account has been leaked and you can see the password age. If your password has been leaked or is too old, you can change that password to keep your account secure. Lastly, the audit checks if a password is used elsewhere. Reusing passwords can pose a security risk because if a password is leaked, all accounts where it’s used become vulnerable.

We are here to help you ensure your online security, and that means we respect your trust. Your passwords always remain completely confidential.

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