Delete your account

In simple steps

You can remove your account using either the plugin, the web client or in the Android/iOS app. Please note that removing your account does not remove passwords you’ve shared with others on the password manager.

Using the web client or plugin

1. First, log into your account.


2. Next, click on your username in the top right corner of your screen and click on Account.


3. Navigate to the “Delete account” tab and click on the “Delete” button.

4. To confirm deletion enter your password.


After you click the Delete button your account will be removed.

Using the mobile app

To remove your account in the Android/iOS apps first login to your account, then click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner of the screen. Go to the “Account” page and tap the “Delete account” option. Confirm your password to fully delete your account.

Send us an email

You can also request account deletion by sending us an email from the account you registered with and providing us with your username (your username ends with